Your Bed is for Sleeping; Your Thoughtful Spot is for Thinking

We literally carry our to-do lists wherever we go, in our minds and our phones. It’s practically impossible to detach and take a damn break. And sometimes the only place we can get a break is when we go to sleep — if we manage to get enough of it, or even any at all.

Think of it like this. Each room has a purpose, right? We cook in the kitchen. We hang out with friends in our living room. We tackle our to-do lists at our office desks. These are designated areas for different parts of our day, and you usually move from one room to another to do these things.

Remember Winnie the Pooh’s “thoughtful spot”? All you see him do there is sit and “think, think, think.” He doesn’t play there, he doesn’t take naps there — he doesn’t even enjoy his favorite snack of honey there. He is there to think, because that is the purpose of the thoughtful spot.

Therefore, if each room has a different purpose, then each room must be suited to it. If your living room is your hangout space, make it well lit and fill it with fun décor. If you want to sleep, create an environment that encourages relaxation. Light scented candles and have one or two soft lamps. You can string fairy lights over your bed for a gentle ambience.

So, when you finally lie down and close your eyes, take that ambience with you. Remember, your worries have a designated time and place to be tackled, and that place is not your bed. Focus on the softness of your sheets, or the warmth of your significant other beside you. Sleep is eight to ten hours of you in your own head, and you’ll only have so long to enjoy this quiet space, so you might as well make it pleasant.

Because you only spend so much time with your bed — and this might sound strange — you probably miss it during the day. So when you come back to it, savor the moment that you go between the blankets. It’s like your bed is hugging you close, glad to help you relax and leave your day behind. You can also complete whatever saga you started in your work-time daydreams.

Recall that you’re sleeping under a sky full of stars. Even if it isn’t a clear night, imagine them glittering and twinkling, like diamonds in the sky, as the song goes. There is comfort and relaxation in beauty, since it is sometimes hard to find in the daily grind.

To reiterate, your bed is your designated relaxation space. Enjoy the quiet of the room, the soft blankets, and leave your worries at your thoughtful spot.