My name is Stephanie Anderson.  I am a freelance writer and editor based in Indianapolis, and I adore the art of storytelling, no matter the medium.  Whether you need a promotional advert for your business, or you want me to help you tell your story, I’m right here for you!

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I have been creating original content for the last two years, including short stories, blogs, and marketing pieces for small businesses.  I have developed a keen eye towards reader impact, consistent grammar and style, design layout and development.  My promotional work can be found in Lakefront Living and South Bend Living.  I also review books on my blog The Library Key.

I have also edited, proofread, or otherwise contributed to various literary magazines, including Split Lip Magazine, Anomaly Literary Journal, and Booth: A JournalIn addition, I have worked with Indiana-based financial advisors Carey Yukich and Hawley Woods Gray on their up-and-coming book, Push Through: Your Ultimate Success Playbook.

In 2017, I had the privilege of editing a story for Split Lip called “Poisoned Apple,” by Katie Welch, which won the Longform Fiction Pick of the Week on December 15th, 2017.

For three years, I have also taught English composition, where I have honed my skills as a writer, editor, and teacher.  Some classes I have taught or assisted with include the following:

“Utopia in Literature”–assistant to Dr. Jim Keating at Butler University

“Integrated Reading and Writing”–Ivy Tech Community College

“English Composition”–Ivy Tech Community College

“Exposition and Persuasion”–Ivy Tech Community College

“Creative Writing”–Ivy Tech Community College

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My Services

If you want to quickly engage your readers’ imaginations, my skills are suited to your purpose.  Each story has a specific audience, and I can tap into that audience utilizing my creative experience.  Stories are not just numbers and facts; there is a human element to be found, and readers respond best when each story is treated like a genuine conversation.  For further remarks from previous clients, see my Testimonials page.

Writing: If you want to tell a story for a website, a project, or maybe just for posterity, I’m here to write it down.  Once you’ve told me your story in as much detail as you want, then I set to work bringing the most important parts to life.  I may be the writer, but it’s your story.  So you have the final say in what goes in and out.

Editing: Perhaps you’ve looked at the same piece of writing for so long that everything looks the same.  That’s where my keen eye for detail and consistency comes in!  I carefully read each line of writing in order to catch grammar and punctuation errors, as well as continuity or style issues.  It may not seem like that big a deal, but the more polished your work looks, the better you’ll look.

Business Communication: Blog posts, press releases, social media, and promotional articles can be difficult all at once, but I can help you take some of that pressure off.  I can translate your enthusiasm for your business into succinct, engaging content that will not only sell your business, but also sell its awesomeness.

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Contact Me

For all your storytelling inquiries, email me at  You can also find me, as well as my published works, on Medium, LinkedIn, Twitter, or WordPress, using the social media buttons below.

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