My Services

If you want to quickly engage your readers’ imaginations, my skills are suited to your purpose.  Each story has a specific audience, and I can tap into that audience utilizing my creative experience.  Stories are not just numbers and facts; there is a human element to be found, and readers respond best when each story is treated like a genuine conversation.  For further remarks from previous clients, see my Testimonials page.

Writing: If you want to tell a story for a website, a project, or maybe just for posterity, I’m here to write it down.  Once you’ve told me your story in as much detail as you want, then I set to work bringing the most important parts to life.  I may be the writer, but it’s your story.  So you have the final say in what goes in and out.

Editing: Perhaps you’ve looked at the same piece of writing for so long that everything looks the same.  That’s where my keen eye for detail and consistency comes in!  I carefully read each line of writing in order to catch grammar and punctuation errors, as well as continuity or style issues.  It may not seem like that big a deal, but the more polished your work looks, the better you’ll look.

Business Communication: Blog posts, press releases, social media, and promotional articles can be difficult all at once, but I can help you take some of that pressure off.  I can translate your enthusiasm for your business into succinct, engaging content that will not only sell your business, but also sell its awesomeness.